Here are Informations about the CU Anime Night

  • 1.CU Anime Night: 30.-31.December 2017, Anime: Free!
  • 2.CU Anime Night: 06.-07.January 2018, Anime: Free! Eternal Summer
  • 3.CU Anime Night: 13.-14.January 2018, Anime: Maid Sama
  • 4.CU Anime Night: 27.-28.January 2018, Anime: One Punch Man
  • 5.CU Anime Night: 03.-04.February 2018, Anime: Black Butler
  • 6.CU Anime Night: 10.-11.February 2018, Anime: Black Butler Book of Circus
  • 7.CU Anime Night: 17.-18.February 2018, Anime: Black Butler Book of Murder
  • 8.CU Anime Night: 03.-04.March 2018, Anime: Nanbaka
  • 9.CU Anime Night: 17.-18.March 2018, Anime: Blue Exorcist
  • 10.CU Anime Night: 23.-24.March 2018, Anime: Blue Exorcist 2
  • 11.CU Anime Night: 07.-08.April 2018, Anime: Blue Exorcist Movie
  • 12.CU Anime Night: 15.-16.June 2018, Anime: Love Stage
  • 13.CU Anime Night: 02.-03.November 2018, Anime: Love and Lies
  • 14.CU Anime Night: 09.-10.November 2018, Anime: Free! Dive to the Future